Paiette is a new style

Good morning everyone! this time I want to show you a black short covered with paillette! ;) It may seem strange during the winter, but just wear a nice tights (Calzedonia for this is the top;) !! Then have a dark color so … do not be fooled by the “length” ahaha (if I may say so!) In this case, I have used them to create a look “IN” and chic without necessarily wear a dress! Pants is a variant that, if chosen well, may well replace the dress. Today’s was an experiment .. what do you think? Since we are in the moment of the holidays, what better opportunity to show it? Appearance always your comments (which I always try to answer) on Direct to instagram ok, but the blog is a space dedicated also to this!

Short – Pimkie

Shirt – Iceberg

Shoes – HM