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Hi everyone!

Today I have an absolutely fantastic post on this blog! I have the pleasure of working with the well known brand “Gilmar”. Since I was little I have seen my mom wearing Gilmar dresses for important events and special dinners. I remember watching her while she was choosing her outfit for the night. I really loved this and I can say that I was already a fashion victim at that age! So imagine my surprise and happiness when Gilmar asked me to write an article about them! First of all this is the link to the website:

You will find gorgeous dresses and jumpsuits with a superior cut for exclusive evenings, maybe by the pool! There are also shorts and tops to wear for a drink or a shopping day. Every outfit provides elegance and comfort, so you can wear it and feel as comfortable as anyone. In addition to a search tool by merchandise categories, what sets the boutique a class apart is the presence of a mini store for each of the four brands complete with experience pages so users can keep in the know about the different men’s and women’s collections. GilmarLab distributes in more than a hundred countries worldwide and ensures quick and reliable shipping, an easy merchandise return service, plus top-notch customer care.

So I can say that GILMAR, choosing the e-commerce, is starting to catch the attention of the younger girls, making us discover what it means to dress elegantly. For example “Iceberg” clothing is now part of my favourite wardrobe. I would like to tell you the important words of Paolo Gerani, the managing director of GILMAR and one of the most important friends of my family: “E-commerce is a fact that cannot be ignored. While there are many giant players, that does not mean it’s not possible to do a good job in-house. We plan to show significant growth within a couple of years”. The Gilmar Group is leader in the manufacture and distribution of quality clothing brands, both in-house – Iceberg – and license ones – N°21, Fausto Puglisi, Siviglia and Paolo Pecora.

The company grows continuously, developing multi product levels, from high-end ready-to-wear to youth fashion lines, always seeking innovation in terms of style, technology and communication. At this point I cannot wait to show you the GILMAR LAB clothing worn by me for various occasions.

Tell me what you think, what is your favourite dress or what you would prefer to wear!!

a big kiss,

Veronica Rastelli